Inspirational Speaker

Simplicity- How to Choose Less to Be More
From Distracted to Decisive- How to Have Daily Clarity
13 Ways to Be Joyful Especially in the Chaos

FUNness Facilitator


As a FUNness Facilitator Nina supports individuals, organizations and teams on their journey to build their communication, collaboration and creation skills through activities that improve their awareness, develop their potential, build their identity, enhance their quality of life, and contribute to their dreams.

Clarity Coach

"My calls with Nina have helped me to transform my life. Her energy is infectious. Everyone who comes in contact with her is uplifted by her spirit. You can jump on a call with her and move from a place of fogginess with a situation to a place of extreme clarity. Nina has the energy of a 9 year old and the wisdom of a 90 year old. This makes for such a powerful woman." -Amber Martin -Human Resources Manager

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