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Listen.Learn.Love.Lead- 40  Simple Messages for an  #inspiredlife

Shortly after founding my company in July 2013, I started recording one-minute videos to share on Facebook. Honestly, I would just trust whatever message came through from events that happened in my life.


Later in 2014 while attending a Women’s Prosperity Network event the idea was shared how speakers are publishing books to promote their business. The idea seemed daunting, until it was suggested that you could speak your book and have it transcribed. Now you are speaking my language (pun intended)


The idea came to take the one-minute videos I had been recording for almost a year, transcribe them (thanks to the help of my daughter Emily), add a relatable quote, and include space to journal. Because if there is one thing you will learn about me, I am ALL about putting pen to paper.


In 2015 I self-published Listen.Learn.Love.Lead and was humbled by the amount of people who not only supported me through a book signing, they bought the book, reported back that they read it and wrote in it!​


Bite-sized Wisdom

“This book is filled with bite-sized wisdom that makes you not only stop and think, it inspires you to live the life you want to live each and every day” -Trish Carr, Amazon best-selling author of “It’s Just a Conversation, what to Say and How to Say it.”


"I love, LOVE it- simple, to the point, engaging and relateable!!!" -Liz Martinez

Love the SMILE pages

"Wow, simple and to the point with just enough information to ponder and then and then put into action. Love the SMILE pages, perfect for those that will use your book as a daily devotional type tool. This information really pertains to anyone!!! 

-SIndy Frizzell


Get Your FREE Book

- We pay for the book, you cover shipping -

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