Joy Seekers Playshop

Come and get clarity, confidence, and commitment on your goals whether personal, professional, spiritual, physical, mental or emotional- all while  becoming truly aligned to who God has made you to be.

This interactive, deep dive is for the woman in business who knows that joy is an inside job. And is looking to model that truth in all aspects of her life & business.  

Join our playshop of Joy Seekers and get ready to live a #WhatIfItsBetter life! 

Are you ready to PLAY full on? Before you say yes. I offer you the opportunity to search your soul and check your schedule.


This is an interactive playshop, hosted once a month. WE are going to gather to not only share information, but to unlock transformation by tapping into the collective genius of our community.


I am asking you to participate, to have your video on, to be prepared to answer questions and share insights. I promise you it will be a safe space.


I know it will be time well spent and a gift to you and our collective to show up distraction free committed to trusting the process.


For the record there will not be a recording. This is a LIVE event hosted on zoom once a month. 

Last Wednesday of the Month! 

LIVE on Zoom

May 25, 2022 from 11am - 12:30pm EST

Investment: $47 per session

(sessions are stand alone, although we encourage you to attend every month)