* Stop Talking, Start Connecting- How to Listen Better & Improve Relationships 
Did you know that 85% of your success is based on how well you can get your message across? Yet 99% of all difficulties are based on miscommunication.

The great news, communication is a skill, and it can be learned.

Our focus will be on understanding the ways we communicate with an emphasize on 7 ways to listen better.

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* Process Leads to Progress- How to Do Less to Be More- 

Are you the type of person who is hurrying, worrying, reacting, juggling & judging through life? How’s that working for you?

How would you feel if you could pause more, trust more, respond more, focus more & understand more? 

There is a process to achieve this outcome. That’s what we will dive into as we embrace the possibility to “Do Less to Be More.”

* Joy & Uncertainty Working in Harmony- Simple Steps to Create Calm-

Has the past couple of years with all the ups & downs have you feeling uncertain? Are you “busy” focusing on what is going on in in the outside world to a fault?

How would it feel to have joy & uncertainty working in harmony in your life & business?

There is a SIMPLE formula to achieve this outcome and that is what we will dive into to create calm in your chaos.

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"Nina is a fantastic speaker and I learned some great skills on communicating that I plan to use both in my personal and professional life- Nina Rocks!" -MPI Participant in Destination Communication Breakout Session


"Great teaching style. First communication lesson I’ve walked away feeling confident, rather than crushed. Thank you!" -MPI Participant in Destination Communication Breakout Session 

"Nina is engaging, interesting, and fun. It’s a pleasure to be in the audience when a topic is intelligently conveyed in a playful manner. Not only does Nina execute this flawlessly she has the unique gift of making everyone feel smart and important. Loved!" -MPI Participant in Destination Communication Breakout Session

"I had the pleasure of attending Nina's presentation "Stop Talking, Start Connecting".  Nina impressed me from the moment I walked in the door.  She greeted me at the door, introduced herself and asked me about myself.  The connection happened immediately and made us all feel comfortable about participating in the program.  You could tell she truly cared about each and every one of us.  Her presentation was interactive and when we left we all had something to take away with us.  She's an excellent speaker and presenter.  I would highly recommend her to any organization wanting to improve, grow or just build a stronger team!" -Barbara Flynn MSHR, SPHR, SHRM-SCP  People First, Inc.

"Love listening to you speak, the story was great and the way you delivered it was awesome too. Thanks for the reminder that it's all about how we look at things. -Silvana Cuadrado



"Listening to you is like spending a day at the farm--- the birds singing, the wind blowing through the trees, and yes, delicious fruits." -Alex McCrae


"Thank you for sharing such wonderful and helpful tips how to "dazzle" when speaking publicly! You certainly DAZZLED today!!"

- Sheri Wilcox- Moms Creating Financial Freedom

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“My greatest take away is that I can walk away from this ‘success seminar’ with clarity. I can do this as I lean in completely and allow the spirit of awareness to open my eyes to my purpose, my passion and my vision. And I can own this!!” - Gail D.

“For TEN years I have had post-it notes all around my house that say, ‘what is it my heart longs to do’.  After just the very 1st session of this workshop I had 150% clarity and peace of what that is!!  And….I have now replaced all those post-it notes with 3x5 cards that say what it is my heart longs to do, my purpose for being on this planet.“ - Mary Jac R.