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My Daily Clarity- 90 Days to Connect.Create.Communicate.Celebrate

In 2016, I followed in my mom’s footsteps and became certified as a John Maxwell Coach & Speaker. Then immediately after that she suggested we attend a powerful personal development course together. In October of 2016 my life and business changed.

Immediately upon returning from that course I self-published my second book "My Daily Clarity- 90 Days to Connect, Create, Communicate & Celebrate."

Which I know is my life's work to share. It is a system I was using with my coaching clients that I expanded into a self-paced workbook/journal. I am passionate about women operating with clarity, confidence, and commitment in their life & business spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


“I was not sure if pen to paper and journaling was really going to help me focus. I initially thought one more thing to do every day who has the time? However, I decided that I would try it and it has been a game changer. Gone are the cluttered mind days and now it is focus and clarity. Just try it and I promise you will see a shift in your personal and professional life.” -Tracie Rosales


Listen.Learn.Love.Lead- 40  Simple Messages for an  #inspiredlife

Shortly after founding Success Simplified in July 2013, I started recording one-minute videos to share on Facebook. Honestly, I would just trust whatever message came through from events that happened in my life.


Later in 2014 while attending a Women’s Prosperity Network event the idea was shared how speakers are publishing books to promote their business. The idea seemed daunting, until it was suggested that you could speak your book and have it transcribed. Now you are speaking my language (pun intended)


The idea came to take the one-minute videos I had been recording for almost a year, transcribe them (thanks to the help of my daughter Emily), add a relatable quote, and include space to journal. Because if there is one thing you will learn about me, I am ALL about putting pen to paper.


In 2015 I self-published Listen.Learn.Love.Lead and was humbled by the amount of people who not only supported me through a book signing, they bought the book, reported back that they read it and wrote in it!

“This book is filled with bite-sized wisdom that makes you not only stop and think, it inspires you to live the life you want to live each and every day” -Trish Carr, Amazon best-selling author of “It’s Just a Conversation, what to Say and How to Say it.”

Daily Clarity for Catholics- 90 Days of Prayer & Positivity

Discover the power of journaling with "Daily Clarity for Catholics: 90 Days of Prayer & Positivity". This journal is specifically designed for Catholics looking to deepen their relationship with God and live a more joy-filled life.


Each week, you'll find guided prompts for reflection, prayer, and gratitude, along with space to record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences following a simple yet powerful framework.


This journal will help you focus on the blessings in your life, find clarity in your faith, and cultivate a positive mindset. With 13 weeks of prompts, you'll have the opportunity to develop a regular spiritual practice and track your progress over time.


Start your journey towards daily clarity and joy-filled living today with "Daily Clarity for Catholics: 90 Days of Prayer & Positivity.

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